Every growing season is unique and 2013 was no exception.  A very late spring followed by flooding was little relief to drought stricken trees, shrubs and landscape plantings.  New foliage was infected with fungus and we experienced high levels of Apple Scab, Spruce Needle Blight, Burr Oak Wilt and Anthracnose.

Later in the summer, the drought returned further stressing the plant material.  Lawns went dormant and new seeding and plantings suffered.  A little supplemental watering went a long way at this time of year. Then the bombshell exploded as Emerald Ash Borer was discovered in Madison’s Warner Park.  Although we suspected that this devastating pest was probably in Dane county, confirmation of its presence and the subsequent quarantine on moving firewood and plant material is a bitter pill.  Area Arborists have been meeting for years, making plans to slow the spread and treat trees with insecticidal injections that last for 2 years.  We have also been replacing trees  that are otherwise unhealthy or growing in poor locations. Then came the winter that won’t quit.  Snowy, sub-zero conditions began in mid-December and as February comes to an end we find that the ice on the Madison lakes in excess of three feet thick.  My hope is that the long stretch of sub-zero weather will kill some of the overwintering pests, especially those that overwinter as larvae and adults. I remember two years ago when we received two weeks of 80 degree temperatures during early March, forcing the leaves which were doomed to freezing later in the month.  So there is no way to predict what the weather will be in just a few weeks.  All that we can do is to be ready for any eventuality and ready we are.  Four of us are now certified arborists and we have trained personnel, certified in pesticide application and controlled burning.  Because we do not plow snow, all of our equipment is in top shape and ready to go whenever nature allows. Whether it’s tree work, landscape maintenance, vegetation control or a complete Landscape Makeover, my hope is that you will think of our family business for all aspects of caring for your green world.