“Taking the NATIVE path” or “Help out Nature”

We would like to highlight some of the ecological restoration-based services that we will be focusing on this year. This includes native prairie and woodland habitat establishment and restoration, native home landscaping, and invasive plant control.

Before Europeans got to southern Wisconsin, the landscape was mostly tallgrass prairie, oak savanna and woodland, and wetland. Help us return these ecosystems back to their natural forms!

Do you find yourself mowing too much?? We would love to turn parts of your lawn into beautiful native wildflowers and prairie grasses. 
Do you have a Woodland that is it is filled with invasive brush?? We can take care of that. 

Benefits of native plantings:

  • Provides food for birds, bees, and other Pollinators.
  • Beautiful flowers throughout the summer
  • Low maintenance costs after establishment
  • Less chemical fertilizer and herbicide use than lawns
  • Flood reduction┬áCarbon sequestration
  • Soil quality improvement


  • High initial cost but drastically reduces each year.
  • Takes a few years to get established flowers and mature plants. 
  • Neighbors will become jealous. 

Contact our design team today to see what potential your property has!