Covid-19 has turned the world upside down.

Living in an unfamiliar environment of fear, quarantine and self-isolation leaves nowhere to turn. Stay at home orders can make one realize that home really is our natural world. It is where we came from and caring for it is ESSENTIAL.

Pruning and tree care promotes safety, preserves tree health and affects the amount of light reaching the understory. Trees are the backbone of the landscape.

Proper lawn care limits weeds and reduces the erosion of soil with embedded phosphorus that enters surface waters, protecting the watershed.

Mulching landscape beds controls weeds and nurtures the shrubs and flowers in the understory.

Caring for the natural world nurtures the soul and that is sorely needed in these unsure times. A turn to Mother Earth can provide the foundation for all of us that we need to get through this. After all, she is the home where we all are from. She is ESSENTIAL.