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An ecosystem is a natural occurring interrelated group of plant and animal life that works together to live and grow within community. Thousands of years of co-evolution has resulted in several distinct native plant communities here in southern Wisconsin, prairies, woodlands, wetland and aquatic ecosystems to name a few. Each has their own groups of inter-relating species and requirements. The introduction of exotic invasive species and pests has posed challenges that we are trained and equipped to manage.

Invasive Species Removal

Many invasive species plague our landscapes and natural ecosystems, especially Buckthorn, Honeysuckle, Multiflora Rose, Garlic Mustard. We use several methods to control these invasive plants depending on effectiveness, budget and scope of your project.

Prairie Restoration
Of Wisconsin’s 2.1 million acres of original native prairie, less than 10,000 acres still exist today. These highly diverse communities are an important part of the ecosystem and their restoration is crucial. We can assist in the soil preparation, seeding and maintenance of your prairie restoration.


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