Landscaping is what takes a yard and turns it into a living space. We treat your yard as our own, taking special care to make your place perfect. With great attention to detail, we pride ourselves not only making sure your place is aesthetically pleasing, but also take into consideration the health of your landscape. We use methods as to minimize the need for maintenance, water use and chemical use. We do everything from new bed installations, makeovers for tired and overgrown landscapes and maintenance on all the rest.

    Landscape Installation

    Looking to start fresh or update your look? We’ll work with you starting by creating a design all the way through the installation. Have something already started but needs a little help? Our specialty is landscape makeovers. We see potential in old, overgrown landscapes and transform them based on your wants and needs. Our projects range from adding a few perennials to bring in some color to installing a brand new landscape around your house to change the entire look of your property. Selling your house and want to add some curb appeal? We can quick transform your place to make it sellable without breaking your budget.

    Landscape Design

    During a consultation, we’ll find out what your wants and needs are. Every yard is unique and so is its potential. We also work with a local landscape architect who we highly recommend for large scale designs. Different types of gardens we have installed include low-maintenance, butterfly and pollinator-friendly, English, prairie and more.

    Landscape Maintenance

    It doesn’t take long before a weed or two can turn your place into a weedy jungle. With regular maintenance, your place can be kept up with minimal work. We do everything including spring and fall cleanups, weeding, pruning, shearing, plant dividing, and transplanting and mulch installation. We can set up regular visits which be can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annually to keep your place in tip-top shape.

    Spring and Fall Cleanups

    These processes involve cutting back dead plant material, removing leaves and pruning shrubs as needed. Spring ia a great time to install bark mulch without the challenge of going around individual plants. Sometimes perennials have outgrown their space and dividing will be needed. Spring and fall are excellent times for dividing and transplanting.


    It doesn’t take long before a weed or two turns your landscape beds into a jungle. Our horticulturists are trained to properly weed to get the roots out so Dandelions, Creeping Charlie, Quack Grass, and other perennial weeds aren’t popping back in a week or two. We use a combination of hand weeding and chemical control based on your preferences and budget. We highly recommend using bark mulch in all beds as a preventative way to keep weeds out before they start.

    Mulch Installation

    A fresh layer of mulch not only gives landscape beds a fresh look, but it also adds a layer weed protection, helps retain moisture and breaks down into nutrients for existing plants. Typically with a three-inch layer of bark mulch, this only has to be done every two to three years.