I see the blue sky and breathe its precious air. Birds, clouds, rain and thunder mar her purity like wrinkles in our grandmothers’ face.

I see the trees, the backbone of the landscape, living in communion, within a community of life. Wind dance and advancing seasons make every moment unique.

I see the prairies gently waving, dancing within the breath of God, marking the seasons with flowers and fire.

I see all of the living things that we can perceive in intimate interrelationship with each other, a web of life, pulsing, moving, and never the same.

I see a universe, the nest from which we came, an outward scattering of a billion galaxies with a billion stars all like our own sun, each with an ongoing story to tell that began with the creation so very long ago.

I see all of our children, infused with the beauty and grace of god, faces so full of pure love.

I see that God is love, the only hope for peace and harmony.

I see you walking in beauty all around.

Can you see me?