Team Category: Office

Beau Andrews

Beau’s organizational skills have definitely earned him his leadership position in running the company. He makes the jobs run smoother and teaches everyone to work smarter. His main love is the trees working with Tim most of his life, he has become very adept at all horticultural skills. His pastimes are chasing the Walleye and the Whitetail. Team Member Since…

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Jessy juggles many tasks such as schedules, employees and customers and keeps everyone on track. When you call our number, it is her that will greet you, determine what is needed and schedules a solution. Jessy’s hobbies include arts and crafts, cooking, camping and woodworking with her husband James. Team Member Since 2014 Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician

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Cyndy’s son Paul has joined our office staff and is learning the bookkeeping world of TAHort. Once Paul is fully trained, Cyndy will be looking forward to retirement. Some of Paul’s hobbies include bonsai, audiobook listening, camping, bicycle riding and website building. Team Member Since 2019 Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician

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