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When will my ash tree be injected?
Ash trees can only be injected while leaves are present. We usually start injections in May and can go through September before the leave change color and start dropping.

How long does this treatment protect my Ash tree from Emerald Ash Borer?
Treeage will protect your ash tree from Emerald Ash Borer for 2 years. We will let you know when you are due for re-injection.

Insecticidal Drench

When will my spring insecticidal drench be done?
Spring drenching is best done in the very early spring when the ground thaws. Usually in March – April.

When will my fall insecticidal drench be done?
Fall drenching is best done in the late fall before the ground freezes. Usually in late October – November.

How long does this treatment protect my tree or shrub?
Imidacloprid drenches will protect your tree or shrub for 1 year. Spring drenches protect for the current year and fall drenches protect for the following year.


When will my work be scheduled?
Tree and Landscape work is scheduled on a first approved bid, first scheduled basis. Our schedule shifts frequently due to the weather, therefore we will narrow down a start date as we are close to one. Treatments are scheduled with a route and correct application times. If you are ever wondering, please give us a call.


How much is the charge for an appointment with a sales person?
We do free estimates. There is no charge to you unless you are looking for the following… evaluations for insurance claims, testimonies, tree risk assessment, or consultations. Fees for this start at $150 but will be deducted from your bill if the work is done with our company.

Oaks and Elms

When can my oak or elm tree be pruned?
Oaks and elms can only be pruned during dormancy, October 15th – April 15th.


When can I go on my lawn after a lawn application?
You can go on your lawn at sunset the following day

When is the best time to seed my lawn?
Seeding is best done when the weather is cooler such as in the spring (April – May) and in the fall (late August – September).