On Saturday 1/30/16 while doing Volunteer work on Dunn Heritage Park I inspected a grove of declining Ash Trees.  There was extensive sign of Woodpecker flecking and at least 50 trees of various sizes that were in severe decline. I removed the bark in an area where the woodpecker activity  was heavy and found the unmistakable galleries of Emerald Ash Borer.

Adults from this major infestation will be emerging this spring to mate and lay eggs on surrounding trees in McFarland and the town of Dunn.

They will quickly colonize ash trees that have not been protected by insecticide injection and these trees will die within a few years.

There has never been a more urgent time to treat the trees that we would like to save from this Emerald scourge than this spring.

Research at Michigan State University  has found that Treeage insecticidal injection to be 100% effective for two full growing seasons following treatment.  You don’t need to lose your Beautiful Ash Trees.  All species and varieties of Ash are susceptible. Schedule treatment now while you still have a choice.