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We Are Tim Andrews Horticulturist

Tim Andrews

Semi-Retired Owner

I have been absolutely blessed with my family. Son Beau is running the crews and my wife Cyndy is teaching her son Paul to keep the money in order. Daughter Jessy keeps everyone on track. Our four grandchildren give us the incentive to continue pursuing the state of art in our family business.

  • M.A. Ed. 2005. Edgewood College
  • B.S. Horticulture. 1978. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Certified Arborist WI-0345A 1985-present. International Society of Arboriculture
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician. 1978-present. USDA
  • Tree Risk Assessment Certified
  • Read my professional resume.

Cyndy Andrews

Semi-Retired Owner

Cyndy is a people person.  Her caring, bubbly personality always makes people feel better about themselves. She has a great attention for detail and runs the financials of the company with precision. Her favorite hobby is cooking and family holidays are always feasts to remember.

The Crew

We have 4 ISA certified arborists and 10 state certified chemical applicators ready to assist you.

Beau Andrews


Beau’s organizational skills have definitely earned him his leadership position in running the company. He makes the jobs run smoother and teaches everyone to work smarter. His main love is the trees working with Tim most of his life, he has become very adept at all horticultural skills. His pastimes are chasing the Walleye and the Whitetail.

  • Team Member Since 2011
  • Certified Arborist WI-1037A
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician
  • Tree Risk Assessment Certified



Nick grew up with Beau. I’ve known him for a long time. He is honest, forthright and one of the hardest workers I’ve known. He’s as smart as a whip and eager to please.

  • Team Member Since 2013

We are hiring Arborists and Landscapers

Are you a top producer who is looking to show your landscaping skills to us and be fairly rewarded? Are you able to manage job sites and read landscape drawings?


At Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC we offer:
 Full Time
 Shared benefit package
 Excellent work environment




James and Jessy have been married since 2013 and share two beautiful daughters. James is a wonderful father and husband whose hobbies include camping and woodworking. He has streamlined our chemical applications and is eager to find a solution to any problem.

  • Team Member Since 2018
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician



One very good thing happened this year in the spring of 2020. The week after Memorial Day- Jason Curtis joined our team. Besides being an excellent plantsman, Jason is experienced and talented in design- build landscapes. He is forthright, honest, smart and we are all very delighted that he has chosen us as his place of employment.
His love of the nursery business has led him to really know his plants, their characteristics, requirements, and capabilities in the landscape.
We all have one thing in common, a love for the outdoors, and when he's not evaluating and designing landscapes or leading crews he tries to balance quality time with quantity, to slow down once in a while, and really appreciate the moment. He is an outdoor enthusiast and when he isn't restoring his old historical home on his Mazomanie homestead, he is hunting, fishing, or watching the clouds chase each other across the sky.

  • Team Member Since 2020
  • BS in Environmental Science, Olivet Collage



Kent has been with TAHort since highschool and has since been moving up the ladder of success. He is a very strong landscaper and a skilled machine operator with a background in farming.

  • Team Member Since 2014
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician



Craig is a great guy, he is an outdoorsman, mechanical genius, and proud family man. Craig is learning all aspects of our tree and landscape services and has become an asset to all teams.

  • Team Member Since 2019



John is a man with many talents. A degree in Biology from UW Stevens Point led to a career in teaching High School but life couldn't hold him down in this capacity. It tugged at him to explore Cambodia and Thailand where he allowed the natural world to wrap her arms around him. He is versed in natural survival skills and truly feels at one in nature. He is an artisan in natural materials and even the shortest conversations with him continue to amaze me. Whether he is planting a perennial garden or pruning trees and shrubs, he is very aware of the differences he is making to all of our futures because of his understanding of how all things are interconnected.

  • Team Member Since 2017
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician



Augie came to us from UW Stevens Point where he graduated  with a Forestry degree. His love of the outdoors, bluegrass music and farm background makes him a perfect fit. We are very excited that he has chosen to join our team.

  • Team Member Since 2016
  • B.S Forest Management. University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 2015
  • Certified Arborist WI-1284A
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician

The Office Staff

Jessy Christenson


Jessy juggles many tasks such as schedules, employees and customers and keeps everyone on track. When you call our number, it is her that will greet you, determine what is needed and schedules a solution. Jessy’s hobbies include arts and crafts, cooking, camping and woodworking with her husband James.

  • Team Member Since 2014
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician

Paul Stokes


Cyndy’s son Paul has joined our office staff and is learning the bookkeeping world of TAHort. Once Paul is fully trained, Cyndy will be looking forward to retirement. Some of Paul’s hobbies include bonsai, audiobook listening, camping, bicycle riding and website building.

  • Team Member Since 2019
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator Technician