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VT  5-16-16
My good friend Pete Vercouterin and I invented VT nearly 20 years ago while working on some 200 year old Burr and White Oaks at Edgewood College in Madison, Wi.  The declining trees displayed symptoms of Iron Chlorosis with very small yellow leaves and many dying twigs and small branches.  The area around these trees had been heavily compacted with the construction of several large buildings.  We aerated and then injected VT, full strength, into the root system beneath the drip zone in a 24” grid using a backpack sprayer and soil injector at 2 oz. per inch DBH- our recommended therapeutic dose. Otherwise we use 1 oz/inch for maintenance.

The next spring, the leaves that unfolded were 2- 4 times larger than the previous spring with vigorous new growth. These trees are alive today. VT can also be mixed with spores of both ecto and endo mycorrhizae or foliar applied at a 1/100 ratio. In orchards and ornamental plantings, VT can be added to fungicide or insecticide sprays.

The difference between VT and other tree fertilizers on the market is that instead of just one source of macro-nutrients, VT has 3 sources of Nitrogen, (slow, medium and fast release), two sources of Phosphorus and 2 sources of potassium with 6 micronutrients.


Pete’s the chemist, I’m a Horticulturist. I told him what I wanted and he put it together. I just know that VT Works!

Keep VT from freezing or the poly-phosphate may precipitate.  We use it because Polyphosphate is readily available to the plants.  Order it as you need it and store it inside. It is especially good for acid loving plants like Red Maple or River Birch.  For many stressed plants it can be the missing ingredient and you don’t need to buy an expensive truck and sell large quantities of water to the customer.  I have even strapped a backpack rig to my motorcycle in my younger years.



VT is available in 2.5 gallon jugs.

Wholesale: Order 10+ gallons: $35.00 per gallon plus shipping.

Retail: $45.00 per gallon plus shipping.

Get the Kit: Includes backpack sprayer fitted with the root injector system plus 5 gallons of VT: $994.59 plus shipping.



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