Crew Bios

We have 4 ISA certified arborists and 9 state certified chemical applicators ready to assist you.


Beau’s organizational skills have definitely earned him his leadership position in running the company. He makes the jobs run smoother and teaches everyone to work smarter. His main love is the trees working with Tim most of his life, he has become very adept at all horticultural skills. His pastimes are chasing the Walleye and the Whitetail.

Team Member Since 2011

Certified Arborist WI-1037A

Licenced Pesticide Applicator Technician


Becky’s smile is her greatest asset. While earning her degree in biology at Edgewood College she worked for Tim on the landscape and grounds. Earning the student worker of the year award. Her gardening skills are amazing and whoa be it to the invasive species that this Certified Pesticide Applicator chases with sprayer in hand.

Team Member Since 2011

Certified Arborist WI-1036A

B.S Biology. Edgewood College 2010

Licenced Pesticide Applicator Technician


Nick grew up with Beau. I’ve known him for a long time. He is honest, forthright and one of the hardest workers I’ve known. He’s as smart as a whip and eager to please.

Team Member Since 2013


Kent worked for us during the summer of 2014 and became full time spring of 2015.  He is another very strong worker but what is different with Kent is his smile.  It is contagious.

Team Member Since 2014

Licenced Pesticide Applicator Technician


Augie came to us from UW Stevens Point where he graduated  with a Forestry degree. His love of the outdoors, bluegrass music and farm background makes him a perfect fit. We are very excited that he has chosen to join our team.

Team Member Since 2016

B.S Forest Management. University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 2015

Certified Arborist WI-1284A

Licenced Pesticide Applicator Technician


Collin keeps his body in shape at the gym, boxing and working out. He keeps his mind in shape with his art, working with oil, acrylic and charcoal. He enjoys rock climbing and we intend on turning this effort to climbing and caring for the trees.
Collin gets great satisfaction performing community service and volunteers at area food pantry’s. At one time he was my student at Edgewood College but his connection to Community came long before that. Colin truly wants to make a positive difference to our world.

Team Member Since 2017

Licenced Pesticide Applicator Technician


John is a man with many talents. A degree  in Biology from UW Stevens Point lead to a career in teaching High School but life couldn’t hold him down in this capacity.  It tugged at him to explore Cambodia and Thailand where he allowed the natural world to wrap her arms around him. He is versed in natural survival skills and truly feels at one in nature. He is an artisan in natural materials and even the shortest conversations with him continue to amaze me. Whether he is planting a perennial garden or pruning trees and shrubs, he is very aware of the differences he is making to all of our futures because of his understanding of how all things are interconnected.

Team Member Since 2018


Another family member, James has recently joined our business. Now 6 family members comprise the heart of Tim Andrews Horticulturist. His heart of gold gives our foundation strength. He has our backs and yours too.
This expert woodworker loves to camp with Jessy and their 2 girls. His campfire cooking can turn a soggy day into a memorable experience.
His best attribute is being a wonderful father and husband and that is the highest compliment I can give.

Team Member Since 2018

Licenced Pesticide Applicator Technician


The word for Jacob is Enthusiasm.  When given a task, he puts everything he has into it. When Jacob smiles, the sun comes out! Everybody here wants him on their crew.

Team Member Since 2018


Tony is Nick’s younger brother.  He has worked for us for several summers during High School.  Graduating in the spring of 2015. He rejoined us in 2018. Work ethic runs strong in Tony and Nick’s family and in his case, brains do too.  He is smart as a whip and eager to learn.

Team Member Since 2018

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